Next time you come across a decent position, don’t apply to it immediately.

Instead, do some detective work to find out who the hiring manager is, and use LinkedIn to find out how you are connected. In a surprisingly large number of cases, you’re only one or two introductions away from someone who works with the hiring manager directly. If you go about it right, you could have an inside person literally hand them your resume and pitch your talents. Statistically, this dramatically increases your chances of being invited to an interview.

As I said, there’s no catch or condition.

This works for almost any job, in almost any profession or industry.

BUT your profile needs to be decent. Not perfect. But decent. It needs to put across the right message — so that people WANT to refer you to their boss or colleague, for the simple reason that it makes them look good.

Rewrite your LinkedIn profile to highlight one accomplishment that you have been responsible for:

• Communicate and appreciate workers.
• Streamline the work day
• Collaborate across departments
• Demonstrate flexibility

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a mini resume.