Vacations, they really work!

Do you know that about 53% of Americans aren’t using all of their vacation time each year.
I am not part of that statistic, I took two weeks off and feel great!
In addition to having time away, I even had several days without my smart phone. It was a strange feeling to start with… I kept looking for my phone and then it felt really great not to be connected.

Benefits of taking a vacation

Improves Mental Health

The same old grind can be mentally exhausting after a while. Whatever your circumstances may be, making a getaway could be just what the doctor ordered to reduce your anxiety or depression. Even if you love what you do, going from a daily routine job to a much-deserved break in an exciting new environment can help give your mental health the boost it needs. In fact, a study showed that after taking a vacation, travelers feel less anxious, happier, and of course well-rested.

Just Planning Makes You Happy

We all know that it’s almost impossible to frown while on vacation, but did you know your brain is prone to a major boost in happiness just from thinking about an upcoming vacation? Research shows that one of the biggest boosts in happiness comes just from planning the vacation. A person can feel the effects up to eight weeks before the departure date. And let’s not forget the happiness that continues during and after the trip.

Increases Productivity and Creativity

Perhaps the best way to improve your job performance is a luxurious trip to Italy. Because according to this study, when our brains are exposed to new languages, new sights, new sounds, and new cultures, it revitalizes your mind and boosts your creativity in the long run.

Strengthens Relationships

No matter how long you’ve known someone, whether it be your spouse, your siblings, your children, or even your boss there is always room for improvement in your relationships with the people you are around most of the time. You have a much better perspective and more patients. When you return that project seems to get done much quicker than before you took time off.

Not many things in life compare to the joy you feel when you book a hotel and flight for your next adventure.

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