I must say when I read success stories like this one, it just fills my heart that I changed someone’s life for the better!

Please read her words about the life-changing experience she had working with me:

For over 30 years I had 2 careers, until I was laid off in 2019, due to a shift within the company…it was business.

Then the Pandemic happened and for 18 months I was out of work. I hadn’t written a resume in 20 years and the world of resumes changed significantly!

Cindy helped me write and rewrite my resume to fit all the jobs I applied for. She coached me through all the rejections…over qualified, under qualified, hiring freezes! Healthcare was focused on one thing…Covid, but we kept at it, she kept pushing me forward.

We had many “maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself” discussions (I’m way over 40). So I did a 180, revised my resume for the 100th time, it seemed, and sure enough I landed a fantastic job with an amazing small electrical business that I love and who treat me so well!! I knew nothing about lighting or electrical, but they saw my skills.

It was terrifying to change careers, but Cindy reminded me constantly of all my transferable skills, she encouraged, motivated and supported me every step of the way (and kicked my bum sometimes, too…thankfully!!).

If you need a Career Coach, Cindy is fantastic!

Are you thinking about a career change? It is not something to take lightly: you will need preparation, just like this client did, in addition to encouragement and confidence-building.

It’s easy enough to get started: reach out to me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation and let’s see what the next step might be for you to get into a new career that will take you to new heights.