It can be a never-ending hustle, looking for a job. 


Trust me I know all about that feeling.

Competing for the same jobs with hundreds of other candidates, you check your email several times a day in the hopes that a hiring decision-maker will select YOU.

I have been in business for over two decades, as an executive recruiter. Helping tens of thousands of job seekers land new jobs, approach their job search and careers from new angles and perspectives to deliver breakthrough results.

It is not easy looking for a job alone!

· Who keeps you on track?

· Who reminds you of your accomplishments?

· Who role-plays with you prior to your interviews?

Finding a career that you’re passionate about may seem unrealistic, especially in the current economic environment; however, you CAN advance your career and your life, even during challenging times.

Whether you are a recent graduate who needs direction, are in a career transition because you believe you have reached your potential in your current job, or are a female over 40 who has been subjected to unconscious bias during their job search; no matter what career challenges you face, I am here to help!

I work alongside you as your coach and mentor, to help you represent the best you in the market place.  My approach includes strategic one-on-one conversations about personal branding, market demands, identification of your core skills and will empower you to have confidence in the negotiation of your new career.

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