Video Interview Package

Only $150.00

There are lots of reasons to feel optimistic right now.
Yes, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic; the economy hasn’t returned to where it was in 2019. Video interviews, held over Zoom, are still the order of the day.
BUT…video interviews are where a lot of candidates are missing the boat and where you can shine!

Video interviews feel different from the in-person interviews.

The dynamic is different. The way that you can communicate with interviewers and convey your attractiveness as a candidate can be challenging.

If you’ve not experienced it before, when you first jump on the line with interviewers, it can leave you feeling awkward and disconnected. For this reason, it’s really important to practice video interviewing calls.

Let me help you get ready for your next video interview call.

I have put together a special package to help you ACE your next video interview.

We will review:

  1. Your video background – yes, what is behind you when you are on camera
  2. What you should wear – business attire, certainly, but there’s more..
  3. Sound quality – human interviews are bothered by poor sound quality. Let’s fix that!
  4. Posture – always visible in person and on camera
  5. Answering the top 3 most-asked interview questions – practice, practice, practice


For only $150.00 you will have the confidence that you will be prepared for your next video interview.