Most of you know me as an Executive Recruiter. Others have worked with me to find a job based upon openings which my clients have entrusted to me.

As an exceptional recruiter I have coached you through the entire hiring process for that client to ensure you landed the job.

Why have I expanded my career into coaching as well as being a successful recruiter?

As a recruiter I am only able to help you based on that search for my client. Just as hiring managers have to go to great lengths to ensure the new hire is the best for their business, you need to make sure you’re working with the correct professionals, who will get you where you want to go in your career.

Career coach or recruiter?

Given the abundance of free online information, is a career coach actually worth the money? Should you apply directly for roles yourself, or work with a specialist recruiter?

The need for career support doesn’t discriminate age or demographic. Graduates who are novices in the corporate world need help just as much as older generations and those at their professional peak. The type of support needed though will differ, thus justifying the need to first identify what type of job you are looking for and what skill set you need.

So, who you gonna call? Here’s a bit of guidance to help you make the right call.



If you need help identifying your true passions and the path you should be taking with your career, it will be beneficial to seek the help of a career coach.   A coach can help you pinpoint what is right for you, and then coach you on how best to get there. Recruiters are specialists at finding suitable candidates for existing opportunities, not the other way around.


If you’re short on time, paying for a career coach to dedicate themselves to your job search might be what you need. Often people feel disillusioned by recruiters who fail to win a job on their behalf. This tends to arise from the common misconception that their recruiter is their career coach, which is not true.  Recruiters are paid by their clients, not their candidates.


Confidence & motivation


Career coaches are most necessary for people who need a boost in confidence and help finding direction in their career. For people who don’t have a supportive network around them to bolster their confidence and motivation, a career coach can fill this void, which is something a YouTube video cannot do.

Resume and interview advice

I know the latest resume trends.  As your career coach, I will review and make recommendations for your resume based on each type of job you’re interested in applying for as well as help you craft a cover letter that will get the hiring manager’s attention.

Interviewing is where most of you get stumped. I will create interviewing questions specifically for the types of jobs you’re applying for and will practice answering these questions with you until they simply roll off your tongue naturally.

You needn’t go at a job search alone. Carving out your desired career is tough work and if you really want to get ahead, it makes sense to enlist the support of a trained specialist who can guide you on your way to landing your perfect job.


I am here for you to make your job search a success!