Uncertainty in the Job market.

The last few years have been nothing if not full of change. And with change comes uncertainty.

Have you really looked at your company lately? Is the culture and their mission inclusive?

Uncertain times can reveal a lot about the organizations that make up our workforce. Employees and candidates are paying extra attention to how companies treat their staff in the face of uncertainty. If you listen, companies are telling you a lot about their values through their actions, for better or for worse. How do they treat their employees, even in times of change or crises? Do leaders navigate uncertainty, make decisions, and take action with empathy and care for the well-being of their employees?

Do you feel overlooked?

We’ve discovered more about what we want in a role, team, and work environment. We’ve realized that there are some things we’re simply no longer willing to put up with.

So many of us have been emboldened to say goodbye to the jobs that no longer suit us and search for those that do- whether that means moving on to a new company or changing careers entirely.

From the start, one of my goals as a Career Coach has been to help job seekers find roles and organizations that align with their values, needs, and priorities.

It’s why I spend so much time on strategy, to truly have you decide what really is important to you. Corporate culture, hybrid, diversity and inclusion, benefits, and woman-founded. Which allows job seekers to conduct an intentional job search based on the attributes that are most important to them.

Moments of uncertainty are also when we need to lean on one another the most. We need family, friends, and community. It’s one of the things that drew me to wanting to start a Career Development Master Mind… Everyone needs support as they navigate their career. I want to bring together a forum to ask questions, share experiences, and yes, sometimes commiserate. And I’m excited to lean into starting a Mastermind community. A safe place to share your search journey with like-minded women.

One thing is certain: We have a lot of exciting plans in the works for you in 2023. Stay in the loop by reading our newsletters and following us on social.

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Here is to being BIG, BRAVE, and BOLD in 2023

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