The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

Most of you might know that I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.

This year, I encourage you to toss aside the been-there, done that options- lose weight, work out more, be less stressed – and instead focus on a few totally attainable ones.

Psychologists say that your best chances for keeping this promise to yourself depend on your having the capability, the opportunity, and the motivation to see it through. Given these factors, it’s understandable that a whopping 80% of us fail within the first 15 days.

It’s my personal belief that the majority of us are making the wrong resolutions. Which we probably have made each year and have not kept.

This year let’s focus on your career and the ability to stretch yourself just a bit.

The suggestions ahead are drama-free and absolutely achievable. That is if, you MUST make a New Year’s resolution.

Learn One Thing That Has No Practical Application in Your Life

Have you always daydreamed about making your own wine? Taking a pottery class to make your own dishes? Learning graphic design? Or want to cater a party, take a course, attend a conference, read an instructional book, or find that mentor who can stoke your curiosity and teach you about something you have a burning desire to know?

Forget about the practicality part of it and have fun. You never know where it might take you.

Have One Experience that Stretches You

If you’re hoping to move up in your organization or career, look for one experience this year that will help you do just that. Maybe that means volunteering to help put on an industry conference that will ultimately lend your company the brand exposure it’s been seeking, thereby placing you in a prime position for promotion and praise.

Even if that’s not the end result of you trying your hand at something outside your career comfort zone, it’s likely to introduce you to new people, offer you a memorable new learning experience, and lead you to discover insight about yourself.

Again, as with learning a less-than-practical new skill or hobby, you never know where this stretch could lead you, and what career- path door it might open.

Learn One Tech Skill

Pick one tech skill you’d like to learn and find out how to do it. Of course, no tech conversation would be complete without saying I wish I was better at using Google Docs or Excel, etc. Yes, you can become more proficient by scheduling a YouTube training or signing up for a beginner class. As a result, one of these skills are the biggest in-demand skills today, learning the basics can hardly do harm.

The options are almost endless, so there’s no excuse for why you can’t find one that interests you and fits into your schedule.

Read 3 Books That’ll Push Your Career Forward

So, you’re not much of a reader. You don’t have time. You’re too distracted. Too busy. Try listening to a book, in your car, on the bus, or during your walk. This year, I challenge you to read one whole book every four months. They can be straight-up business options, a biography, whatever- just make sure you’re choosing ones that will make you think, that’ll inspire you on whatever path you’re on.

Go out of your way this year to pick three that’ll help you advance, and not just give you an escape but will motivate you.

Go to your favorite independent bookstore, hop on Amazon, or get a library card (it’s easy and free!) and start making a list of things you’d like to read. My guess is you’ll quickly surpass the three you set out to read and perhaps enliven a long-lost love of reading or discover a newfound one.

Plan One Unplugged 8 Hours or a weekend with No Wi-Fi

We all rely on technology. It rules your life in many ways, and I get it. I’m no different- always check my email and read important articles- but I’ve gotten in the habit of disconnecting every now and then, and it feels great! Not only that, but I believe it’s helped me from reaching that point of burnout. After I read author Joan Borysenko’s book Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive, she discusses how always being online puts you at risk for burning out on the job.

If you’re constantly logged on, 24/7, checking your email in the middle of the night when you get up for a glass of water, for example, I challenge you to step away from your devices for one entire weekend. At the very least, it’ll stave off but at most, it’ll lead to a creative and more energized you. And who knows where your career will take you then?

You don’t need to set a ton of resolutions this year. You simply need one good one that will have a positive and generative impact on your life and your frame of mind. Stay out of the judgement zone, and be inspired to start a year that’s all about you, in the best way possible.

Join me in selecting ONE of the above 2023 resolutions.


Send me your email at and I will be your accountability partner to achieve one of these no-drama resolutions.



My resolution is to become more proficient using Excel


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