Do you need a Mentor or a Career Coach?

Ask yourself whether a Mentor or Career Coach might be able to help you take your career to the next level.

If you have ever felt stuck in your 9-to-5 or struggled to connect with a new boss, you have likely found yourself complaining to someone. While it usually feels great, it’s not always productive. Instead of venting about what’s not working in our jobs or trying to decide whether we’re even happy in our roles, why not just ask for help?

Not from HR—not even necessarily from a coworker, friend, or former professor.
But from someone whose job it is to help you define your career path and follow it.
And during this time of precarious employment, that might be more useful than ever.

Let Cindy provide the clarity to start your job search

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    Decide who’s better suited to help you.

    • Listen to yourself the next time you complain about work. 
    • Are you focusing on office politics? 
    • Hung up on something rude your boss said? 
    • Struggling to run meetings now that you’re the new team lead? 
    • Stressed out about how long will I be working from home? 

    These kinds of concerns can usually be addressed with a mentor.

    Some companies have dedicated mentors for those concerns.

    Of course, you can benefit from a mentor even when everything is going well. That’s because mentors are folks with similar skill sets who agree to share their insights with you to help further your career. They’ve been there and done that, and they can tell you how to achieve success the way they did. Studies show women are more likely to earn a pay increase when they’ve had a mentor than if they go solo.

    What if you are uninspired and worn down? Maybe you’re realizing your attempts to start new projects, change workflows, or adopt new practices are being impeded by higher-ups. It could be that you’re in the wrong field altogether—or at least the wrong company.   Perhaps lay-offs are on the horizon, and you have not looked for a job in years. Perhaps most recently, you lost your job to COVID-downsizing.

    That’s where a career coach can help you shine.

    A coach provides clarity, gives you direction and holds you accountable.
    My focus is helping people get clarity on what their next career move should be and what the best path is for them given their skill set.
    My expertise is helping someone make a career pivot.