If you’re like me, I struggled to get motivated for 2022.

I recently wrote down my aims and goals for 2022, and beside my laptop, I planted a serious Plan of Action for me to implement during 2022.

I have several coaching clients lined up for whom I will create career strategies. My coaching sessions always include motivation.

But wait, how can I help my clients when I am not feeling motivated myself?

I am lacking some very important feelings at this moment in the early part of January:

  • energy
  • creativity
  • personal motivation (which is normally my strength)

How can I get my own motivation back which is vital to my own self-worth and a guiding strength for my clients?

Here’s my action plan for recovering my own motivation:

I will arm myself with knowledge, because understanding why I feel like this way will help me to accept it and help me to overcome it.

I know I can do this!

We all know the typical elements of holiday behavior: eating too much, drinking alcohol, not exercising and, of course, lack of sleep.

So why do we do that to ourselves every year?

One article I read recently said this behavior is a way that we think we are rewarding ourselves for the 11 months of hard work.

Another article suggested we should not aim so high that we set ourselves up for failure.

By the way, who said we have to create our New Year’s goals the first week of the New Year?

So my realizations are as follows:

  • I really am aiming too high.
  • New Year’s plans are great, but it is never a good idea to try to force them into existence in early January.

I’ve given myself calendar reminders throughout the year to review and implement these goals. Making changes gently, over time, and in small doses.

I need to remember to cut myself some slack.

I chose to take the down time, and I am really glad I did. Now I have to accept that it may take a little time to shift life up a notch, just as it takes time to shift those extra pounds that come with a good (yummy) holiday season.

The first of January may be a great day to make all these predictions but the middle of January or February might be a better date to roll them out!

In the mean time I am going to shuffle slowly and quietly through this month — I’ll call it “working behind the scenes”. I have confidence that by February I’ll be all revved up and ready for action.

In 2022 look for Career Coaching with Cindy to role out a course in interviewing, negotiation of your best salary and how to handle ageism when you’re looking for a job.

Also, watch for my weekly Cindy-ism tips on social media.

To tell you the truth I feel more motivated now that I have given myself permission to be kind to myself and take it slow.

To our mutual success in 2022!