Practice, Practice, Practice… If you have had a few interviews and have not gotten a job offer yet, perhaps you need some interviewing practice.

I have mentioned a few times that being prepared is one of the easiest things you can do for a successful job search.

Is there a better Holiday gift than helping someone’s career?

Do you want to ace your next interview?

Mock interviews are the magic bullet to build your confidence and stand out from the competition.

You are likely to feel tongue-tied and uneasy when you have your first interview with a hiring manager. You know the right answers, but in the moment – meeting someone new and making your best attempt to be cheerful, enthused and engaged—it’s a lot to pull off. For this reason, it’s vital to practice answering interview questions in a safe environment with someone who has done thousands of them and has coached many more. Let me help you get ready for your next interview.

Mock Interview Session

1-hour personalized session that will get you prepared for your next interview.

We will practice together on Zoom with me asking you several interview questions, with a review of each to help you solidify your responses.

Good practice builds confidence and assurance that you will nail the interview. Poor practice, or none at all, leaves you vulnerable and uneasy. Schedule a time here for your mock interview.

Buy someone an invaluable gift: a Mock Interview for $175.00 for a 1-hour session!

Once you buy the session on our website, we’ll be in touch to find out the address to mail gift card and the recipient’s name!