When you finally land an interview for an exciting role or for a position you think might be out of your league, your greatest concern is getting through the interview without blowing it, right? You want to sound intelligent while staying calm and collected.

Surprisingly, so many of us reduce our credibility in interviews because of how we present your skills or how we talk about our work experience.

Filler words…


You may not even notice that you’re using the words UM, and  AH,   LIKE  and   YOU KNOW, in your responses, but using filler words like these while talking about yourself can give the interviewer the impression that you’re not 100% confident about what you’re sharing.

It can also reduce your professionalism and make an interviewer question if you’d speak to clients or C-Level Managers the same way once you’ve been hired.

Of course, when you’re nervous, and your armpits are sweating, it can be hard to make sure those filler words don’t slip out.

One helpful tip is to speak a bit more slowly and pause in between your statements. Take a breath!  This will help you catch yourself rather than simply filling the air out of nervousness.

I’m Cindy Fassler with Cindy Fassler Career Coaching and Executive Search. Reach out to me and let’s talk about how you can get prepared for your next interview