We’re all thinking about family, friends, and holiday cheer right now, but that doesn’t mean your job search should be put on hold.  In fact, lots of amazing companies are still looking for candidates right now. What better holiday gift to yourself than a new job?

December might actually be the best time of year to be searching for a job.

Want to know why?

There’s Less Competition

While it’s tempting  to put your job search on hold during the busy holiday season, December could actually be the month your efforts pay off in a big way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking December is the month to take time off from your job search—with fewer people applying for jobs, it’s ultimately easier to stand out and get noticed.

Companies Often Have Extra Money in Their Budgets

As the year winds down, employers are looking to fill positions and hire new employees. It is not uncommon for companies to have a little extra spending money left over in their hiring budgets.

If you have a target list of companies, now would be the time to visit their website and review their job listings.

Holiday Time a Great Time to Network

As a career coach and HR professional, I can tell you that the holidays are a great time to be networking. Whether it’s tagging along with a friend to her company’s holiday party or chatting with an uncle you haven’t seen in a long time, there are tons of opportunities for you to meet new people or let your existing network know about your career plans.

Now is a great time to be reaching out to colleagues and mentors– even if you have nothing in particular to catch up about–sending a quick happy holiday greeting with a short note of what your career plans are will now be easier for them to reach back out when they need help.

Now is the time to also ask for assistance in your career search. Connect with me now and I will help you develop your 2022 career strategy or, if you take my “December Advice” above, you might find yourself being in your dream job for the New Year!

Happy Holidays!