About Cindy Fassler

Finding top talent and coaching people to reach their goals is my passion, and I am excited to share this gift with you!

I have been in business for over two decades, and I have helped tens of thousands of job seekers approach their job search and careers from new perspectives to deliver breakthrough results and land their dream jobs.

In my career, I have been a strategic talent advisor with a wide variety of hiring teams, coming to the table with an informed point-of-view on talent trends, interview best practices, assessment criteria, and with the experience of hiring in a competitive market.

Amazingly, some of my very first candidates still consult with me all these years later! That is what encouraged me to open Career Coaching and Executive Search with Cindy. So many of these former candidates have now been employed for several years, and they are ready for a career change. I sincerely care about each person that I work with and how I can make a difference in their lives.

Throughout my career I’ve partnered with organizations of all types, bringing them extraordinary talent in a multitude of roles.

Taking people on a journey of value is the driving force behind my passion for the work I do. I listen to my job seekers’ and clients’ needs – coaching them to discover truths about themselves or their companies.

One of my goals is to work with companies that embrace diversity, hiring to include an under -represented population who can produce your next superstar!

In addition, I frequently coach job seekers that have faced age discrimination, building their confidence and working through the you’re-over-qualified messaging they get which is usually code for you-are-too-old.

My motto is: Be BIG, proud and bold during the interviewing process whatever your age.

Sharing the interviewing process with recent graduates can be a challenge. Most of my new-graduate clients get so frustrated with the hiring process they give up on finding their dream jobs. Giving them the truth, “your first job out of college will probably not be your dream job”, I challenge them to think outside their education box while maintaining their confidence level through the entire hiring process.

I am driven by a desire to empower people to be the best that they can be. I lead by example, and my passion for career coaching and recruiting is infectious.

I look forward to discussing your challenges as a client needing to fill open positions or as a candidate looking for that next career advancement.

Let Cindy provide the clarity to start your job search

Cindy Fassler
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    Do you need a Mentor or a Career Coach?

    Are you ready to FIND your coach? Career Coaching with Cindy

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