Keeping yourself motivated and confident at any stage during your career is not an easy task. But truly doable. Think of this, your manager has more confidence in you than you have in yourself!

You must know your purpose, tame your inner critic and believe in the power of “YET”

You want to say I cannot achieve this yet.

Saying “I can’t do” triggers a belief that you can never do it, it’s not within your reach. That makes you give up without trying hard enough. It reduces your confidence. Saying “I can’t do something…. yet” signals you just can’t do it right now, but it’s always learnable. With more effort or a better strategy, it’s achievable. One is about accepting defeat, the other is about embracing the challenge.

There’s another big difference between “I can’t do” and “I can’t do it yet.” I can’t is the feeling of being stuck in the present, not good enough right now. I can’t yet is about the vision, the motivation to improve in the future.

Be a YET person yet is endless and provides hope which gains you confidence.

A very simple YET powerful way to keep your confidence is to partner with a friend, a coach or mentor.

A friend, coach or mentor can provide support, help you celebrate the steps on your journey, and give you new ideas. They can also show tough love by kicking you in the pants, scolding you for the excuses you make up, and getting you motivated.

The steps are not always clear, and the outcomes of each move are not what you anticipated but you have got this if you keep a positive confident outlook on your success for your career.

Yet this is a journey. It is another race. Because there is a finish line and you will be celebrating.



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