Are you an exceptional candidate, do you stand out from the Job seekers crowd?

Job markets are becoming even more competitive with time. The most critical thing for employees entering the job market is to stand out as exceptional to recruiters. These employers are more interested in the candidates that have something interesting about them than just someone who is defined by their qualifications.

Above all, hiring companies are looking for well-rounded employees that can add value to their business’s social benefit and their bottom line. How can an applicant develop an approach that sets them up as unique and outstanding? I have selected a few methods that potential employees can leverage to stand out from the crowd.

Would I hire you?

Demonstrate Grit

Grit is strongly correlated with success in the workplace. Any candidate looking to stand out should demonstrate grit through work and academic experiences illustrating persistence and resilience despite adversity. If the applicant is right out of college, grit can also be demonstrated by years of commitment to and achievement of excellence in sport, volunteering or a hobby where you were acknowledged for your tenacity.

Be Memorable

Many hiring decisions can be based on feelings, so one way to stand out is to be memorable in your interview. For in-person interviews, consider leaving something behind to remind hiring managers about you- which can range from a portfolio of work products to pastries for the entire lobby. For virtual interviews, try to research your interviewers for commonalities you can connect on and stand out.

Use Keywords

Almost all organizations today use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and keywords are critical in sifting through thousands of resumes. Ensure that your resume is customized for that job you are applying for and that it includes some of the keywords from the posting. Getting hired means getting noticed first and that can’t happen unless your resume has those matching key words.

Are you a “Talent Magnet”?

Set yourself apart from the pack at the onset of your search by building your personal brand through the creation of educational content in your area of expertise. Talent magnets are those people in organizations with whom most stakeholders, internally and externally want to engage, connect and work for. They tend to be in all functions, irrespective of roles or seniority, and attract other talented and competent individuals to their organizations.

This works at all levels, but is especially recommended for executive leader candidates who can create a better following of talent for future hiring for their new employer that hires them.

Employers want “talent magnets” in all areas

Ask Bold Questions

In a competitive market, candidates can stand out to a company by asking bold questions. While an interview is a two-way conversation, it is important to be prepared on the type of questions you will be asked and have your questions prepared that are straight forward. The information heard can determine if the job and company align with your values. This also showcases your talents to be hired.

Do Your Homework

Job candidates who know the company, the market and the people will excel. Technical qualifications are given by the time of an interview. Connection is chemistry and you don’t want to fake it. Knowledge and context allow the candidate to test fit and questions and draw in your interviewer with context.

Ask How You Can Help

There are only two reasons to hire someone: Skill gap or bandwidth need. A hiring manager, by nature, is under stress. They are worried. If you can ask good questions and demonstrate that you’re here to solve the problems of the person you’ll be working for as a great employee (which isn’t the same as a grate “candidate”), you’re hired.

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