Are companies still interviewing candidates?
Are they still seeking to fill positions? Or has hiring stopped completely?
The situation has certainly changed.
And in many ways, it has changed for the BETTER over the last month or so.
One of the things I keep hearing from boots on the ground from my coaching clients and from data with’s Future of Work 2021 Global Outlook Special Report: Companies are hiring again.
After all the craziness we experienced last year, it feels like America is very much returning to “business as usual”. Companies are hiring again. Managers are posting jobs and interviewing.
So, there are lots of reasons to feel optimistic right now.
That said, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. The economy hasn’t returned to where it was in 2019. Virtual video interviews, held over Zoom, are still the order of the day. And this is where a lot of candidates are missing the boat!
Video interviews feel different from the in-person interviews.
The dynamic is different. The way that you can communicate with interviewers and convey your attractiveness as a candidate is different.
If you’ve not experienced it before, when you first jump on the line with interviewers, it can leave you feeling awkward and disconnected.
For this reason, it’s really important to practice video interviewing calls.

Let me help you get ready for your next video call.

We will review:

1.    Your background

2.    What you should wear

3.    Sound quality

4.    Posture

5.    Answering the top 3 most-asked interviewing questions

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