Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current role? Have you applied to multiple jobs without success? Are you wondering if you are on the right career path? Do you want to switch industries altogether, are you over 40?

Overworked, Overwhelmed and feel over looked? If you said yes to any of these questions, consider hiring a career coach.

I am an expert in career planning, resume building, interviewing and negotiating. While you may only search for a new gig or switch careers a handful of times

Don’t take this journey alone!


Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Gold program will help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

The Silver program is for you if you want a quicker boost to streamline your career search.

The Bronze program is geared towards acing your interview with a personalized MOCK interview.

Let’s talk about which is right for you.

I will provide you with a strategy and the confidence you need to be BIG, BRAVE, and BOLD to overcome being an Overworked, Overwhelmed, and Overlooked woman in the workplace.

True coaching does not tell their clients what to do, instead guides clients to think, evaluate, clarify, then pursue and accomplish their goals and dreams to land the right job.

Reclaim your unique voice and stand up for what you believe in so you can start your own personal revolution and be in the career you deserve. When you are a part of the Get Hired team, you’ll feel empowered to act right away.

I am offering  an introductory price for my  GOLD program.  If your interested in  being  a part of the Get Hired WINNING team ask for the discount code.

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