Inherent in any job search is that question in one’s mind: Am I still relevant?  What’s more: is my field, my expertise still relevant?

The quickest way to decide whether or not your field is still in-demand is to investigate how quickly – if at all – the field is growing.

Here are some of the most recent statistics on job growth shared by The Muse, a website devoted to career coaches and HR professionals like me who must have an ear-to-the-ground at all times.

  1. Business Development and Sales

When one stops to think about it, literally everything must be sold – every service, every tangible product. And sometimes, it must be sold several times in order for the sales cycle to be complete and contribute to the manufacturer’s or producer’s bottom line.

These professionals are vital in our struggling economy and has a growth of 45% in the latter half of 2020.

  1. Workplace Diversity

This is a hot topic everywhere and with good reason. Wanting it to happen and making it happen are two completely different things, of course. If you are a professional who can help build a diversity and inclusion program in a company of any size, you will be in high demand as evidenced by a 90% growth rate in 2020.

  1. Digital Marketing

This area hasn’t stopped growing since its inception in the early years of the world wide web. What’s more, the various verticals within the industry continue to grow as well at the rate of 33%.

Top on this year’s list are those positions whose skills include the following:

  • Social media coordination and management
  • Marketing representation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Paid advertising
  1. Digital Content Development

Writers are not accustomed to being in demand, but in these pandemic times when live performances and social gatherings are on hold, it’s of even greater importance that business entities communicate with their customer base as well as their employee base.  From bloggers to podcasters to corporate communication experts, all are on the rise (49% increase).

When I’m helping you strategize for these positions, we’ll be looking for these positions as content writers, blog writers, podcasters and copywriters.

  1. Education

The pandemic has upended the way we distribute education and the way we receive it. Many teachers have left the field, particularly if they were close to retirement age, leaving a dearth of professionals in this area.

Additionally, the support around those teaching professionals are in higher demand as well:

  • Teaching assistants
  • Tutors
  • Curriculum developers

If this is an area that interests you, we’ll discuss which subject matters are of greatest interest to you and make a plan on how to get you into your dream position.

  1. Professional and personal coaching

With 51% growth this past year, coaches are in high demand. Just ask me! Frequently these positions are adjunct to corporate staff; you may be uniquely qualified in your area of genius to help others achieve the level of excellence you have enjoyed.

  1. Mental health

More than 40% of Americans are suffering from anxiety, depression, increased substance use, suicidal thoughts and a plethora of other issues related to the stresses of our time. This field has experienced a 24% increase in demand.

  1. Engineering

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the following job areas have grown by 25%:

  • Web development
  • Full-stack engineering
  • Front end development
  • Software engineering 
  1. User experience

Professionals responsible for user interfaces on websites, apps and other digital products fall into this category and  have seen an increase in demand at 20%.

If this is your area of expertise, we’ll be looking for jobs as UX designers and researchers, UI designers as well as product design positions.

  1. Data science

The growth spurt for this area started long before the pandemic and is a desired skill across all industries and all sizes of businesses. Leveraging data to drive company performance is only now hitting its stride. If you have the skills to be a part of this ever-increasing demand, it will hold you in good stead. LinkedIn’s recent analysis uncovered a 46% increase for these professionals. Is this you?

  1. Artificial intelligence

Closely related to data science, these professionals are machine-learning researchers and engineers. More and more industries are recognizing the practically unlimited potential in this area. The cost has decreased over time thus driving even more demand. Growth in 2020 was 32%.

  1. Loans and mortgaging

Despite a limping economy, home sales are still booming driven predominantly by low mortgage rates and the Paycheck Protection Program for small business.

If you have a desire to get into this area, we’ll be looking for positions like these:

  • Loan officer
  • Mortgage loan officer
  • Escrow agents
  • Underwriter
  1. Frontline e-commerce

With all of us ordering online – everything from shoes to groceries to furniture—this industry has grown by 73%.  Many possibilities exist; some of the jobs highest in demand are drivers and supply chain.

  1. Nursing

This should come as no surprise. Jobs for registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, nurse practitioners and ICU nurses have grown by at least 30%.

  1. Healthcare support

In all areas of healthcare, we are running short of staff to assist in the care of our pandemic patients: pharmacy techs, dental assistants, home health aides. Growth of 34% in late 2020.