1. Believe In Its Possibility
To help you make this change, interact, and connect with people who have been successful in such a risk. That would certainly appease your fear to a great extent.

2. Carry Out Self-Assessment, Research, and Planning
When it comes to research and planning, spend some time looking at job openings in areas that you are interested. What qualities are recruiting managers looking for in that field? What skills do you possess that match their requirements? This information will help you use your spectacular transferable skills in your new career to turn the odds in your favor.

3. Revamp Your Formal Education and Other Requirements if Necessary
Fill your knowledge gaps with some certifications to help you get your dream job. It’s never too late to learn new skills and discover talent hidden deep inside. Plus, the rapidly changing technological environment requires one to learn new things every day.

4. Be Prepared for Rejection and Negativity
You can do this by preparing yourself for success and identifying upcoming hurdles and how you can solve them before you have too-and your preparation will help you resolve your concerns and get beyond them.

5. Update Your Resume and Sell Yourself in Your Cover Letters and Interviews
Once you are clear regarding your transferable skills, you can revamp your resume to bring attention to what motivated you for such a change. You will want to start using a hybrid or mixture resume, which at the top of the page helps you to list the more compelling skills.

6. Market Yourself
Once you are armed with a network, research, impressive resume, and a plan in mind, it’s time you dive into the market. Whenever possible try to test your new career on a part-time contract role or volunteer basis, just to see how well you can do. If it felt exactly what you expected, then you are on the right path. Approach your dream companies and start interviewing , you will get your dream job.


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