What about having your yearend job hunt strategy plan in place?

The first thing not to do is take time off during December from your job search.

Most people stop looking in December. So this is a good time to stand out while you are looking for a new opportunity, while everyone else takes a pause from hunting.

Developing a strategic plan takes time, dedication and commitment. Once you’ve developed this strategy, searching, applying and interviewing for a new job may provide you with a feeling of fulfillment not just this time of year but during your entire job search.


I have outlined my job strategy list with you several times in previous newsletters.

If you are still looking for the right job, maybe it is time to listen to me!

  1. Determine and list your career goals.
  2. List your experience, skills and strengths.
  3. Brainstorm ideal companies you’d like to work for.
  4. Research your ideal company and job title.
  5. Build a job application strategy and follow through.
  6. Create your personal brand.
  7. Participate in networking opportunities.
  8. Organize the list of companies you’ve applied for in order of your experience

It is time to stop spinning your wheels and getting NO Where.
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