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  • Over 30 years I had 2 careers, until I was laid off in 2019, due to a shift within the was business. Then the Pandemic happened and for 18 months I was out of work. I hadn’t written a resume in 20 years and the world of resumes changed significantly! Cindy helped me write and rewrite my resume to fit all the jobs I applied for. She coached me through all the rejections...over qualified, under qualified, hiring freezes! Healthcare was focused on one thing...Covid, but we kept at it, she kept pushing me forward. We had many “maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself” discussions (I’m way over 40). So I did a 180, revised my resume for the 100th time, it seemed, and sure enough I landed a fantastic job with an amazing small electrical business that I love and who treat me so well!! I knew nothing about lighting or electrical, but they saw my skills. It was terrifying to change careers, but Cindy reminded me constantly of all my transferable skills, she encouraged, motivated and supported me every step of the way (and kicked my bum sometimes, too...thankfully!!) If you need a Career Coach, Cindy is fantastic!

My Areas of Expertise

Hi, I'm Cindy

Finding top talent and coaching people to reach their goals is my passion, and I am excited to share this gift with you!

I have been in business for over two decades, and I have helped tens of thousands of job seekers approach their job search and careers from new perspectives to deliver breakthrough results and land their dream jobs.

I am driven by a desire to empower people to be the best that they can be. I lead by example, and my passion for career coaching and recruiting is infectious.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Cindy is absolutely amazing. I am so glad we crossed paths six years ago. She has been so instrumental in my career path. Cindy helped me land my current position and it is an excellent fit.

    Lauren Ramirez Accounts Receivable Specialist at Agiloft, Inc.
  • Cindy helped me land my dream job! As I wrap up my first week with my new company, I felt it appropriate to share my thoughts: Cindy is beyond thoughtful and so amazingly talented; truly a gift to the "recruiting" industry, making dreams come true!

    Katelyn Barr Institutional Trust Officer at Exchange Bank
  • Cindy is a tremendous resource whose counsel is supportive, practical and actionable. I highly recommend that people in the beginning or midst of a search seek out that extra set of eyes and perspective that Cindy provides to guide what can be a bumpy road to finding the next job.

    Martha Woodard MBA, PHR
  • My relationship with Cindy started 20 years ago when I was her client. She has delivered reliable and talented proactive employee for temp and perm positions. She is thorough, knowledgeable, conscientious, professional, and compassionate about her work.

    Anna Hom, RACR SR. Talent Acquisition Specialist at UCSF
  • Cindy has been not only instrumental in my obtaining a FIRST ever position out of college, but has also been so kind and helpful in a climate of self-doubt that can creep in when looking for that next role.

    Ashley Navas Communications Campaign Coordinator for WeDriveU at Google
  • I have worked with Cindy for 10 years as a client. Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes and most of them seem to only be concerned with the bottom line. Cindy is unique in her recruiting approach as well as her approach to client management.

    Randy Ferino, MBA, PHR Employment & Recruiting Manager at Exchange Bank

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